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Illinois News: Illinois Football Using Bye Week to Get Healthy Once Again

Today in #ILLINI news.

Geronimo Allison makes a catch against Western Illinois
Geronimo Allison makes a catch against Western Illinois
Mike Granse-USA TODAY Sports

"When Geronimo Allison went down during the Illini’s final drive Saturday after attempting to catch a Wes Lunt pass, the Illinois football team’s injury issues reared their ugly head once more."

-Charlotte Carroll, Daily Illini

Illinois is falling into a serious hole as it continues to be plagued by more and more injuries this season. In their 29-20 loss to the Iowa Hawkeyes on Saturday, the Illini had been playing seriously shorthanded, and at one point, the media noted that some defensive players were even filling offensive roles. Geronimo Allison's injury adds yet another burden.

The positive news for the Fighting Illini is that they have a bye week in order to rest and get healthy. There is nothing Bill Cubit's Illini team needs more right now than to get some of its players back into the system, especially star wide receiver Geronimo Allison. Despite being shorthanded and having been forced to start young and inexperienced players, coach Cubit is handling the pressure quite well and has coached his team to a solid 4-2 start.

"University of Illinois senior receiver  Geronimo Allison  (Tampa, Fla./Spoto/Iowa Western CC) is up for the 2015 Biletnikoff Award, given annually to the nation's top receiver."

Illinois wide receiver Geronimo Allison is up for the 2015 Blietnikoff Award for his outstanding start to the 2015-16 football season. Allison currently leads the Big Ten in both receptions and yards with 40 and 601 respectively. Allison ranks in the top 15 nationally in both of those categories.

Were Allison to win this award, it would put him in the likes of Alabama's Armani Cooper and Oregon State's Brandin Cooks, the 2014 and 2013 winners of the award. Make sure you go and support your Illinois receiver! You can vote here once each day.