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Illinois News: Incoming Freshman Jalen Coleman-Lands to Return to Basketball Activities

Today in #ILLINI news.

Andy Marlin-USA TODAY Sports

Jalen Coleman-Lands will begin his return to basketball activities

- The Champaign Room

Illinois basketball fans just got something that they haven't heard in a long time: good news. It seemed as if the worst news was yet to come, as just a couple of weeks ago, Coach John Groce said that he wanted to talk to the family of Jalen Coleman-Lands before releasing any information about his injury. While many interpreted this to mean something horrific for the incoming freshman, it seems as if he is on the right track after suffering a stress fracture at the beginning of the summer.

Coleman-Lands' return to basketball activities is good for the Fighting Illini, who will need all the help they can get in the backcourt, especially after losing Tracy Abrams to another season-ending injury. Coleman-Lands is the highest ranked incoming freshman that John Groce has recruited at Illinois, so it will be exciting to see just what he can do for the Illini.

"Illinois Launches Chinese Broadcasts of Football Games."

- David Mercer, Associated Press

Here's something you don't hear everyday. The only Chinese-language college football announcers in the nation reside at the University of Illinois; David He and Bruce Lu are trying to cater Illini football to fans who speak different languages. Assoicate Director of Athletics Mike Waddell is in full support of breaking the language barrier in Illini sports, especially considering the recent decline in attendance at Illinois football games.

Believe it or not, there are actually upwards of 5,000 Chinese students on campus right now, and by reaching out to those students, Lu and He are hoping to make Illinois football popular again.