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Simeon Rice Is Directing a Movie

Illini great Simeon Rice is directing the upcoming movie, Unsullied.

The Pterodactyl attacks.
The Pterodactyl attacks.
RVR Photos-USA TODAY Sports

Simeon Rice is an Illini football legend, a future inductee into the pro football hall of fame, and a huge person, but did you know he's also a movie director? Yeah, I didn't either but it's true.

Rice is making his writing and directorial debut with the upcoming movie, Unsullied. It's a thriller inspired by a true story about a girl, played by Murray Gray, who gets abducted and then tries to escape.

Through the mighty, mighty power of search engines, I was able to find all-sorts of information about it. First, a trailer. Go get a handful of popcorn and let's watch:

Take a moment and realize that this trailer was made by the same guy who BTN's Tom Dienhart describes as "a pterodactyl off the edge". How many people do you know could possibly be described like that? That's awesome and horrifying at the same time.

Also realize that this is an independent film and the cast isn't filled with household names. Gray assumes the lead role and this might be her first real shot at movie acting depending on her IMDB history. (Also of note: this movie seems to have been originally titled Prey. I have no concrete proof but all these actor have a Prey in their filmography credits that has a very similar synopsis and was also directed by a person named Simeon Rice.)

The biggest star of the movie might be Rusty Joiner, who was in past movies such as Dodgeball, Resident Evil: Extinction, a movie called either Dragonfyre or Orcwars (I can't tell), and also played "Pretty Blonde Boy" on an episode of CSI: Miami.

The movie won't be released until next Fall (from IMDB, November 5th), but there may be some issues remaining. According to this report, there are some that want to recast and re-shoot the entire film to boost the marketability, which is something Rice doesn't seem too fond of.

So get ready to support one of the greats from Illinois' past as he gets ready for his premiere.