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TCR Podcast Episode 2: Better Late Than Never

Even if it is 1:30 in the morning...

AFishel aka GIF and Graphic Master

First off, I apologize for the delay in this upload.  Had a few things to take care of this week, but next week will be business as usual (uploading Tuesday night/Wednesday morning in place of AskTCR).  So be sure to keep your eyes open for new episodes.

Welcome to Episode 2!!!

Topics we cover are (in no particular order):

MIZ NOZ (read about it here)

Co-DC Nonsense (read about what went down here)

Track and Field updates here

Womens Basketball updates here

Men's Tennis updates here

Wrestling updates here and here

Women's Golf updates here

Men's Golf updates here

Thanks again everyone for listening, and please let us know what you thought of the podcast in the comments below!  If you want to send a private message, you can email the podcast at

As always...

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