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TCR Podcast: The Very First One

We had to start somewhere...

TCR's Andrew Fishel

That's right, we've got a podcast now. It's our first ever podcast, so we'll be working out the bugs as this thing goes along.  Feel free to leave some suggestions in the comments of segments we can add, or things you would like to see change.

After a frustrating loss on the hardwood last weekend, we touch on what went wrong and how the team can rebound in the next four games.

We cover a few other Illini athletics which you can learn more about here:

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Women's Tennis at UCF Quad

Men's Tennis Weekend Wrap-up

Women's Basketball Falls to #8 Maryland

Cross Country sweeps the Illini Classic

Wrestling Falls Twice

Men's Golf Article in Golfweek

Thomas Pieters ties for 4th in Abu Dhabi


PLEASE submit your ideas for the next #TCRTop5 so I don't have to make up more categories.

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