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TCR GIFs: Illinois vs Nebraska

GIFs from Illinois' 53-43 loss to the Nebraska Cornhuskers.

Steven Branscombe-USA TODAY Sports

The Illinois Fighting Illini lost an ugly game to the Nebraska Cornhuskers on Sunday night. Ball movement was non-existent, they were forcing up bad shots at seemingly every opportunity, and the team made only 28% of their field goals. It was a bad loss and the Illini now sit at 11-6 (1-3) on the year. Well, we've got some GIFs that'll hopefully cheer you up a bit!

These are just some of our GIFs from Sunday's contest against Nebraska. Make sure to join our future Game Threads for more live GIFs during Illinois' games.

Phantom Defense/Jaylon Tate Strip.GIF

Not exactly sure what Cosby was doing here, but Tate made a fantastic play on the ball to force a turnover.



Aaron Cosby Air Ball.GIF

Did you miss the game? Well, this sums up Illinois' performance in 3 short seconds.



Nnanna Egwu Swat.GIF

Great play by Egwu down low. He had another shaky game on offense, but his defense was superb on Sunday.



Kendrick Nunn Three.GIF

Couldn't squeeze the whole play in here, but Nunn came off of three screens before curling to put up a shot. This was huge at the time because it kept the Illini in the game.



Nnanna Egwu Swat Version 2.0.GIF

I mean, this is an incredible play. We unfortunately don't have the reverse angle, but Egwu was able to avoid contact and block the shot all in one motion.



Savage Dunk.GIF

After not playing much in the first half, Leron Black really made a nice impact on the game. I'm still shocked Starks didn't shoot the pull-up jumper--good decision by him.



Malcolm Hill Three.GIF




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