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B1G Power Rankings: Good for Some, Bad for All

The B1G had more wins than losses in Week 2, but it was a bad week nonetheless.

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While the ACC, Big XII, and SEC were all swatting away easy opponents, the B1G played three major games. They struck out, and has dropped the credibility of the conference considerably. Most of the B1G came away from Week 2 with wins, even though most of those were less than satisfying. In total, not great, but how were those performances relative to the other teams in the conference?

(Here's last weeks rankings for reference.)

1. Indiana Hoosiers

No, I'm kidding -- although I can't say I didn't think about it. Indiana's the only B1G team that didn't to draw any negative attention this weekend. For the real rankings of the Hoosiers, just keep on reading/scrolling.

The Real #1. Michigan State Spartans - @ Oregon, Loss 27-46 - LW: 1

When you lose to a Top 3 team in their home stadium, no one's going to take much away from you. When you lose to a Top 3 team in their home stadium even though you go into the half winning with the crowd completely shocked, no one can take much away from you. Oregon has talent like the sun has heat. Michigan State showed that they can play with the best of them when they're at their best.

2. Wisconsin Badgers - vs. Western Illinois, Win 37-3 - LW: 5

Runningback Melvin Gordon was held in check and quarterback Tanner McEvoy looked like a competent signal-caller. This is a complete turnaround from Week 1 against LSU. Of the B1G teams that played, there was no better performance than the Badgers, therefore getting the biggest jump in these rankings.

3. Nebraska Cornhuskers - vs. McNeese State, Win 31-24 - LW: 2

Last minute, defense-dodging, 58-yard scores are fun, but it's not as enjoyable when it's vitally important for a victory over an FCS school. Nebraska struggled on offense for most of the day after torching the opposition last week. If the Huskers play like they did in Week 1, they probably win the West; if they play like Week 2, they'll barely make a bowl.

4. Penn State Nittany Lions - vs. Akron, Win 21-3 - LW: 6

After traveling to and fro in Week 1, Penn State had some trouble getting started in Week 2. In one of the most boring halfs (or is it halves?) the defense held the Zips to next to nothing. Hackenburg made three touchdown throws creating a safe, but not excellent, margin for the victory. Now they prepare to take on Rutgers for the first B1G game of the year, which should be a better matchup than many originally expected.

5. Ohio State Buckeyes - vs. Virginia Tech, Loss 21-35 - LW: 3

J.T. Barrett threw three interceptions while the offensive line looked confused and unprepared against an underrated Hokie defense. If you haven't heard yet, this is the first regular season loss for Urban Meyer since arriving in Columbus -- a truly impressive feat, yet one most B1G fans have been hoping would end a lot sooner.

6. Maryland Terrapins - @ USF, Win 24-17 - LW: 7

The Terps gave up 6 turnovers on Saturday, yet they still held USF to 17 points. Maryland has been surprisingly good on defense so far, allowing an average yards per play of 3.41, 9th in the nation. They take on a pass-happy West Virginia next week, so we'll see if their defensive aptitude will remain consistent.

7. Rutgers Scarlet Knights - vs. Howard, Win 38-25 - LW: 9

This Rutgers is better than the Rutgers we thought we were getting. They feature a surprisingly good running back in Paul James and quarterback Gary Nova hasn't made any major mistakes. The Scarlet Knights are currently a Top 25 offense. Color me surprised. They'll be featured in the first B1G game of the year when they welcome rival Penn State into Piscataway.

8. Michigan Wolverines - @ Notre Dame, Complete Failure 0-31 - LW: 4

It's tough to have a game go any worse than what transpired for the Wolverines. Notre Dame's offense was passing at will and their defense was stopping any kind of push from Michigan. Missed field goals prevented Michigan from getting any points or building any semblance of momentum.

9. Iowa Hawkeyes - vs. Ball State, Close Win 17-13 - LW: 8

The Hawkeyes narrowly escape after throwing 2 touchdowns in the final 2:52 of the game. Is it me, or do Kirk Ferentz teams play poorly in September. There's always some non-con team keeping it close with Iowa. Maybe an in-state rival can boost their productivity -- Iowa State comes to Kinnick Stadium next week.

10. Minnesota Golden Gophers - vs. Middle Tennessee, Win 35-24 - LW: 11

This was pure Minnesota. Decent quarterback play, decent defense, and (queue death metal music) RUNNING THE BALL!! David Cobb ran for 220 yards and 2 touchdowns, a performance that will be the desired outcome for every game they play. RUN THE BALL MOAR!!

11. Illinois Fighting Illini - vs. Western Kentucky, Win 42-34 - LW: 12

The Illini won with an even spread of excellent offense and defense, and major mistakes. It could've easily been a blowout victory or a gut-wrenching loss. It was a game the should win, so therefore I can do little more than move them up one spot. But in all the minimal net gain, we might've learned that Wes Lunt is part of the top half of B1G quarterbacks and that we have a nice arsenal of receivers.

12. Indiana Hoosiers - DNP - LW: 10

The Hoosiers didn't play, and so, because the Illini did play, have a better record, the Gophers played well, and it's my list, I have decided to drop the Indiana two spots. Don't worry random wandering Hoosier fan, you'll likely move up as the year progresses.

13. Purdue Boilermakers - vs. Central Michigan, Loss 17-38 - LW: 13

Purdue tried to look relatively B1G today, but fell flat on their faces, throwing a pick-6 on the first pass of the day. In the game recap from, you can feel the sadness radiating through your screen. They are not in last place on this list only because they won last week.

14. Northwestern Wildcats - vs. NIU, Loss 15-23 - LW: 14

The only B1G team without a win. The game started with a scoreless first half, where the Northwestern defense reportedly did well. After that, penalties, poor line play, and a winded defense weren't able to hold off Illinois' MAC team. The Wildcat faithful are now officially worried that this season is a failure. Antidepressants are going sell well in Northwest Chicago.

Biggest Riser: Wisconsin, Up 3

Biggest Faller: Michigan, Down 4