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Games to Watch: Week 5

Last week brought us one of the most exciting weeks of football this season. Will this week bring more close games and upsets? This week's Games to Watch lists the game TCR will be watching (now with added gifs!)

Fork 'em Sparky
Fork 'em Sparky
Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

It's not very often that we get to recap a week in the BigTen where every team playing won their game...except Michigan.  This week brings some new matchups, and we have a feeling that there will be some upsets again as the conference schedule officially kicks off!

Thursday 9/25

Texas Tech vs #24 Oklahoma St ~ 6:30pm CT (ESPN)

The first game of the week has the potential to make the fans in Boone Pickens quite unhappy/depressed.  A Lunt-less Cowboy squad showed they can hang tough with the big boys as they ALMOST knocked off Florida State in week one, but tonight's matchup against the Red Raiders could provide a ton of points.  Texas Tech's defense REALLY needs to step up their game, or this one will be a shootout.

#11 UCLA vs #15 Arizona State ~ 9:00pm CT (FoxSports1)

Talk about a REALLY good matchup for a Thursday night!  In the only game between ranked teams this week, this game is going to help determine which teams will lose at Oregon for the PAC-12 Championship.  Arizona State is a foe that the Illini have faced recently, and they still run their offense through the HB position. However the Bruins have Brett Hundley, a dynamic Quarterback who is very capable of leading UCLA to the endzone.  It sure would be great though if Sparky could stick a fork in the Bruins tonight.

Friday 9/26

Fresno State vs New Mexico ~ 7:00pm CT (ESPN2)

Ever since the faithful days of December of 2009 and a bad call in 2010, there's been a bizzare feeling when someone brings up the Fresno State Bulldogs.  If you're not sure what I'm talking about, watch the gif below.  Both Fresno State and New Mexico are trying to grab a conference victory and turn around 1-2 seasons.

Saturday 9/27

Maryland vs Indiana ~ 12:30pm CT (BTN)

Welcome to the B1G Maryland!  This is your first opportunity to beat down a team in your division and make a statement that you're here to stay.  But keep in mind, IU wouldn't want to fall to the "new kids on the block" in their conference opener.  Two teams that are more than capable of scoring 40+ points per game will be fun to watch!

Crabcakes and football...that's how Maryland does it!

Minnesota vs Michigan ~ 2:30pm CT (ABC/ESPN2)

Go-phers.  Oh man how much fun would it be to have Michigan fall at home TWICE IN A ROW!??!  Minnesota is playing good ol-fashioned football by running the ball, and Michigan has found a way to run the ball successfully this season as well.  Both teams come into this game almost evenly matched and it will be interesting to see if the Wolverines can win a gritty game at home.  We certainly know that Goldy can run the ball...

#16 Stanford vs Washington ~ 3:15pm CT (FOX)

UPSET ALERT!!! Yes yes, I understand that most of you won't watch this game simply because FOX will probably be running a useless baseball game or something along those lines.  But if you're fortunate enough to watch this game, root for the Huskies.  As we found out two weeks ago, Washington has a good football team and Stanford hasn't done anything spectacular this season.  Plus, look how cute this dog is climbing that tree!  Potential foreshadowing?

Missouri vs #13 South Carolina ~ 6:00pm CT (ESPN)

UPSET ALERT!!! After falling to Indiana last week, Missouri is looking to get right back into the SEC East.  This is a great game to do just that.  South Carolina always seems to drop a silly game every year and they still haven't proven themselves defensively so you've gotta keep your eye on Missouri.  But it's never a good idea to bet against the cocks...

Oregon State vs #18 USC ~ 9:30pm CT (ESPN)

UPSET ALERT!!!! Yessir this week we have not one, not two, but THREE upset alerts as the Beavers roll into LA to take on the Trojans.  Both teams have defenses that have stood tall and this game surely will come down to the offensive productivity of each team.  With both teams passing the ball well, it will come down to the run games of the Beavers and Trojans.

Let us know which games you'll be watching in the comments below!