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Justice Williams Commits to Illinois

The Texas LB committed to the Illini Wednesday night.

Mike Granse-USA TODAY Sports

Justice Williams committed to Illinois just a few minutes ago on Twitter. Williams is a three star prospect from the great high school football state of Texas. Williams had offers from Indiana, Mississippi State, Kansas, Virginia, and others. The linebacker is six-foot-four, 205.

Williams specifically plays outside linebacker, and will help the need at STAR for the Illini. Williams is yet another Texan to join the Illini, as AD Miller and Sam Mays committed on back-to-back days in July. Williams is the second defensive commit, joining Chicago safety Patrick Nelson. He is the 14th commit in the 2015 class joining Nelson, Miller, Mays, Dre Brown, Gabe Megginson, among others. At STAR, Williams will provide the Illini with a quick and skilled defensive player for Tim Banks to work with.

Here are some of Justice's highlights:

This commitment helps Tim Beckman and Alex Golesh continue their Texas pipeline and expand the class. Right now this is shaping up to be the staff's best so far. Hopefully the 2014 team will be able to help keep Beckman's job on the field, so he can see the returns from these prospects. What do you guys think?