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Illinois' Win Recap in the form of Tweets, Gifs, and Youtube

We give you the best of social media from Illinois' ugly 28-17 win over Youngstown State

Mike Granse-USA TODAY Sports

The Illini did not win pretty today, that's for sure. We did see some good things however. Through the power of social media I now present to you today's win in the form of tweets, gifs, and Youtube.

The Tweets:

Before the game right when I walked in the uniforms were looking good. Then I just got mad we weren't playing well.

Then there was some basketball news:

Then it was time for some football:

Pretty much the story of the first half:

Then the Touchdowns began:


The Final Push:

A Win!:

The Videos:

The Gifs:

First there was this monster sack by Carroll Phillips: