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2014-15 Illinois Basketball Schedule Revealed

The conference portion of the 2014-15 Illinois basketball season was revealed Thursday evening.

Andy Lyons

The 2014-15 Big Ten conference schedule was released on BTN Thursday evening, which means Illinois' complete schedule is set. Here it is:

The headlines of conference play include the opener @ Michigan (Dec 30), @ Ohio State (Jan 4), Indiana (Jan 18), @ Michigan State (Feb 7), Michigan (Feb 12), @ Wisconsin (Feb 15), and Michigan State (Feb 22).


For more on the non-conference schedule, view "2014-15 Illinois Basketball Non-Conference Schedule"

For a complete list of the 2014-15 B1G schedule, visit


Like Football, the conference match-ups will continue to rotate on a yearly basis.  Here's how it shakes out for the Illini this upcoming season:

Home and away opponents (double play): Michigan, Michigan St, Nebraska, Northwestern, and Purdue

Home only: Indiana, Maryland, Penn St., and Rutgers

Away only: Iowa, Minnesota, Ohio St., Wisconsin

In addition to the schedule, changes to the Big Ten tournament were also announced.  The tournament, which will take place in Chicago, will now be played across 5 days. The 11-14 seeds will now play in the opening round on the first day, while seeds 5-10 get a "bye", and seeds 1-4 receive a "double-bye".  Here's the new bracket:

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