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Illini Go to Rantoul Pool, Do Ice Bucket Challenge

The Illini had a fun and eventful last day in Rantoul. We also had some fun with it in the form of videos, gifs, and tweets. Cause who doesn't love em.

Mason Monheim, Jesus

On the final day of Rantoul, we are not focusing on football. No, no we've got much bigger and better things to do. It was a fun filled couple of days involving water, ice, and hair flips.

First the Illini went to the Rantoul Pool and had some fun:

And Mason Monheim, I mean Jesus, was there


Now when he makes a godly interception to win us the game vs. Washington, we'll know why.

And also today the Illini did the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge that is sweeping the nation:

And lastly,