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Illinois Football Gauntlet Drill - August 8th, 2014

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If this video doesn't get you pumped up for Illinois Football, I'm not sure what will. (via Illini Productions HD)

There isn't much to be said about this video--it speaks for itself. A quick list of the guys who make significant plays in this video, in case you aren't familiar with their numbers:

LB #43 - Mason Monheim: Takedown of Josh Ferguson. (0:10)

RB #26 - Cameron Tucker: Untouched "touchdown" run. (0:40)

DL #97 - Paul James III: Got off the block and tackled the RB. (0:47)

DL #96 - Rob Bain: Solo tackle. (0:58)

STAR #14 - Eric Finney: Diving solo tackle. (1:36)

OL #52 - Alex Hill: Continuous blocking that almost starts a fight. (2:00)

K #38 - David Reisner: Lays the wood on his fellow kicker during the special teams drill. (2:17)

Hopefully this gets you guys as excited for football as I am. I want to go hit somebody myself right now.