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Illini Coaching Staff Adds Charlie Drewek

In a somewhat under the radar move, the coaching staff added a new recruiting assistant.

Trevor Ruszkowksi-USA TODAY Spor

While we were completely overwhelmed with all the additions to the 2015 football recruiting class over the past week, an addition to the staff itself went almost completely unnoticed. Until last night.

Did we just poach a recruiting coordinator from a conference rival who usually comes into our backyard and steals in-state talent from us (looking at you, David Edwards)? Yes, yes we did. So when I noticed that he started following us on Twitter, I figured why not ask him some questions. He responded instantly. I like him already.

I asked him the following four questions, rapid fire. What were your responsibilities at Wisconsin? What will they be here? Why did you switch schools? When do you start? Within about a minute, he replied with

At UW I assisted the coaching staff with all aspects of the recruiting process and my role here will be very similar. I started last week. And the opportunity to work with Coach Beck and continue to build this program is the reason I'm here.

That last line is my favorite of the bunch. "The opportunity to work with Coach Beck and continue to build this program is the reason I'm here". This is Tim Beckman's program. And despite one horrible season and another lackluster one after it, things are moving in the right direction. Most importantly, the recruits and current players seem to have completely bought in. And now that's even extending to coaches, assistants, and coordinators brought in from outside the program.

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