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So What About The Defense?

The 2015 recruiting class is off to a great start, but there seems to be one glaring issue: only one of the 12 recruits plays defense.

Matthew O'Haren-USA TODAY Sports

Tim Beckman and his staff are on a bit of a hot streak right now, which is admittedly something we haven't really been able to say very often (if ever). It feels really good. No, we're not talking about on field results (well, not exactly). Go back and look at our front page. Other than this article, the four most recent posts are about 2015 recruits verbally committing to Illinois.

Four recruits, all in one week at the start of July. That's pretty good. Good enough to bump us back up to 8th in conference and 36th in the nation. If those numbers hold steady and the Illini make a bowl game this year, that sets the team up fantastically going forward. Except for one little nagging issue that is worrying some, including me.

Only one of the 12 recruits plays defense. I know it's only July. And that the class can still fit about ten more players. I just worry a bit when I remember that S Patrick Nelson is the only player that won't be used by Cubit. This offseason has pretty much completely restored my faith in the coaching staff's recruiting abilities, so I believe that they'll figure it out. I just won't be fully relaxed until guys like Charlie Rogers (CB), Wesley Annan (DT), Justin Tranquill (S) (apparently Illinois pulled their offer recently after Tranquill tore his ACL, h/t to @LiquidKerr for the notice), and Shareef Miller (DE) start verballing as well.

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