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Seriously, When Is Tim Beckman's Mom's Birthday?

One of the things that Tim Beckman seems to consistently do on Big Ten Media Day is deviate away from football at some point during the press conference and wish his mother a happy birthday. How sweet is that? But the question arises... does he actually know when his mom's birthday is? At the end of his Q&A today, on July 28th, he did it again:

Remember last season? He kicked his press conference on July 24th, 2013 off with the following statement:

I wanted to make sure that everybody understands that my mom, my rock, it's her birthday today and I wanted to wish her a happy birthday.

Ok, so now Momma Beckman was born on both July 28th and July 24th according to her son himself. But let's go back two years ago to his first Big Ten Media Day, which was on July 26th:

Before I get started talking about football, I'd like to do one thing. And that is today is my mother's birthday, so I want to wish Pat Beckman a happy birthday. She's driving up here and I can't wait to see her on her birthday.

Huh. That's three different dates on all of which Beckman has claimed it's his mother's birthday. But wait! There's more. As retweeted by TCR's Twitter account, an Illini fan pointed out that Beckman said it was his mom's birthday Sunday night at an alumni event:

Sunday was July 27th, so unless I'm missing something it appears that Pat Beckman was born on July 24th, 26th, 27th, and 28th.

Look, it's clear that Coach Beckman is using his appearance on national TV in late July to wish his mother a happy birthday, I get it. But when he claims vehemently that her birthday is on four different days on four different occasions? It raises the question of whether or not he knows when Pat Beckman's birthday is...