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Illinois Staff Recruiting in South Carolina

Coach Groce and his staff are recruiting in South Carolina this morning

Mike Carter-USA TODAY Sports

7/17/14: After spending some time in Anaheim the previous night, Coach Groce has traveled across the country to South Carolina.  He's in attendance at the Nike Peach Jam (The EYBL Finals).

Today, the staff is out watching Jalen Coleman ('15 CG) and Justin Robinson ( '15 PG).

It's a bit hard to put the information together from Twitter, but it sounds like another member of the staff is in Georgia at the UAA Finals to watch Justin Jackson (2016 SF).


11:00 AM: The staff is front and center for Jalen Brunson (2015 PG) at Peach Jam

1:00 PM: Groce is watching PF Nick Rakocevic, the top in-state product for 2016

2:00 PM: Coach is set to watch 2016 SG Jayson Tatum, the #1 recruit in the class

5:00 PM: John Groce has made is way to Georgia to watch top target Jawun Evans (2015 PG)