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Welcome to the Show

The TCR family is continuing to grow with the addition of staff writer Trevor Vallese, another avid Illini enthusiast.

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Hey there TCR followers,

My name is Trevor Vallese and from this point forward I will be a staff writer for this glorious site dedicated to all things Illini! I'd like to introduce myself before diving right into things, so at the risk of boring you all by retelling my life story, here goes nothing.

I’ve been an Illinois fanatic since birth and am currently a season ticket holder for both basketball and football, though I also frequent volleyball and baseball games. My favorite in-person Illini experience to date would probably be Tyler Griffey’s game-winner against Indiana (#HoosierTears), though the 2007 Rose Bowl and Brandon Paul's 43-point performance against Ohio State are close runner-ups.

When I’m not following the Illini, I’m also a Blackhawks, Bears, and Cubs fan (Jim and I seem to be the lone Bleacher Bums here). I’ll keep tabs on the Bulls and Fire as well, but not as intensely. My soccer fandom has developed recently thanks to the 2010 and 2014 World Cups, but I've also still got a lot to learn in that department. Any suggestions as to rooting interests for overseas teams are welcome.

For the past couple of years I've written for another Illinois site,, but I've been a follower of TCR since its inception and have had several FanPosts thrown up on the site's homepage too. Though the original ringleader Tom Fornelli is no longer writing here, I can say with great confidence that The Champaign Room is in excellent and dedicated hands.

I suppose something else interesting about me is that for about three years now I’ve been running a YouTube channel dedicated to making Fighting Illini productions/edits. It’s obviously nowhere near as a good as the official University program, IPHD, but it’s seen a great spike in followers/views in the past year. You can check it out here:

I'm really excited to be contributing to this website and hope to share both the jubilation and the pain that comes with being fans of the Fighting Illini with you all.

I-L-L-I-N-I 'til the day I die!