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Weekend Hangover, 6/9: The Possible Return of Dee For Three

We had a rather slow weekend in the Illni sports world, but a familiar face says he'd like to return to Champaign to coach one day. In other news, Rashad McCants throws UNC under the bus and LeBroning becomes a real thing.

There was not a lot of action this weekend on the Illinois sports front, so let's get started with some good, old-fashioned fun.

Who said Irish-Americans couldn't rap? No one ever? Okay then.

Let's jump into stories from this weekend.

Illinois basketball icon, Dee Brown, spoke with Jeremy Werner about his future after he decides to hang up the jersey.

His play on the court might drive some of us fans crazy at times, but Tracy Abrams is not shying away from the criticism or the competition (you might have to take a quick survey to read the entire article).

Current Illinois commit, Aaron Jordan, tells Nick Medline that the talent in Chicago will start staying home.

Jawun Evans's crystal ball gets two more Illinois predictions on 247 Sports. This is getting interesting.

Rashad McCants goes public with a loud "F--- YOU!" to Roy Williams and North Carolina. My take away from this is -- why must we always be reminded of the 2005 National Championship game? Enough is enough, people!

Illinois reliever, Ronnie Muck, was selected in the 30th round of the MLB Draft by the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. Good luck to you, young lad.

The Miami Heat evened the series at 1-1 with the San Antonio Spurs last night. The real story, however, is the new viral phenomenon called #LeBroning. Well played, America. Well played.

Like I said, this was a rather slow weekend with not a lot to talk about. Maybe Father's Day weekend will bring much more. Until then.


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