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Donate To Lift For Life For Our Site's Honor

And to help a good cause and all that other stuff too, I suppose.

In case you haven't been to Illini Board today or on Twitter, Robert done thrown down the gauntlet.

And this is me challenging other Illini sites – Rivals, Scout, Champaign Room, HQ, Loyalty, etc – to do the same. Pick a team, declare which one on Twitter, and just try to beat us. Because we’re going to put Team One over the top.

As proud Illini blogger men types, we could not let that challenge go unheeded. Which is why we are proud to announce that the Champaign Room has officially adopted team two. Go to their page. Fill their coffers. Make them crush team one mercilessly. Tell your friends, your parents, or anyone with a heart and disposable income.

Acoustic neuroma is a nasty little tumor that grows near the base of the brain. Help donate some money so that we can make it into the Purdue football program of tumors.