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Jalen Brunson's Crystal Ball Turns Away From Illinois, Towards Michigan State

This is discouraging


The 24/7 Crystal Ball is a nice resource. It's helpful. It allows me and you and everyone else to see recruiting momentum in an easy-to-understand picture book form. It is not truth or prophesy. It is simply a sign, which today, is an ugly sign.

Four experts sided with Michigan State today, indicating they know something--the same thing--and they learned about it today. Two's company, three's a crowd, four's a frowny face in Champaign, et cetera, et cetera.


Courtesy: 247Sports

I'll speak to my personal reaction to the image above because I believe it may be your reaction, too. Illinois very likely will not land Jalen Brunson.  Unfortunate, I know, but not unexpected. We gave up on him in late-2013, desperately moved back into the mix in early-2014, then lied to ourselves for the rest of winter. Brunson was always a long shot, a shot from downtown, if you will. I saw the above image and I said, "Yeah, probably."

The Crystal Ball ain't the end-all. But it's telling. Today, it's discouraging.