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Darius Paul Suspended For 2014-15 Season

The young forward will not be suiting up for the Illini next year.

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

We were all curious about what Darius Paul's punishment would be following his April arrest for underage drinking and obstruction. Well, we no longer have to wonder.

John Groce has suspended Darius Paul from all team activities for the upcoming 2014-15 basketball season. This means Paul will not be practicing or traveling with the team as well as obviously not playing in any games. He will be off scholarship for the year and will not lose any eligibility.

This might seem a bit extreme for one incident, but Groce cited "multiple transgressions". We'd heard rumblings from sources who did not wish to be named that Paul is a bit of a party animal and it appears that may be true.

The good news is that we now have an open scholarship spot for a recruit or a transfer to step in and take. The bad news is we lose a player we planned on becoming a key part for a year. Let's hope this helps Darius mature as a person.

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