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John Groce Should Maybe Stick To Basketball

The Illini coach isn't the greatest hockey player in the world.

I love those shoes more than most things.
I love those shoes more than most things.
Tom Fornelli

The Chicago Blackhawks invited Fighting Illini basketball coach John Groce to be a Shoot the Puck participant in tonight's game against the Montreal Canadiens. I personally love this because I want the Illini coaches getting as much Chicago exposure as humanly possible. Will appearing at a hockey game help Groce nab recruits? Probably not. Can it hurt? Nope.

But now you're wondering "How did he do?" Well, if the headline didn't give it away, he didn't manage to sink the puck in any of his three shots. He shot wide on the first and third, but the second was a more heartbreaking kind of beast.


I mean, it's hard to fault him. If not for the giant Coke Zero ad, that'd be a pretty nice goal. But that giant ad is exactly the point. And let's be honest, he did about as well as most of us would do in the same situation.

Huge hat tip to Tom Fornelli for screen shotting it and sending us the GIF.

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