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OT Gabe Megginson Commits To Illinois

Tim Beckman landed a 4 star tackle from downstate. Happiness exists!

Excited Beckman face!
Excited Beckman face!
Bradley Leeb-USA TODAY Sports

This is some pretty fun news to interrupt date night for. While the lady is out picking up some more beer, I'll quickly type up some good news. Four star offensive tackle Gabe Megginson from Jacksonville, Illinois officially committed to the University of Illinois today.

This is a pretty huge get for Tim Beckman. The Illini have struggled to keep the big in-state linemen from leaving for other schools over the past forever many years. That changed today. The 6'5" and 295 lbs Megginson chose the Illini over offers from Arkansas, Louisville, Michigan State, Miami, Mizzou, Nebraska, Ohio State, and Wisconsin. Seriously, look at that offer list. A massive offensive lineman finally picked Illinois instead of Wisconsin. Celebrate.

It took Beckman a little while to get things going, but it's starting to feel like this will be his first recruiting class that we can get excited about all around. The plan seems to be coming together.

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