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Illinois Pro Day Results and Blind Résumés With Jonathan Brown

Run, run, run again, now jump, stop jumping and run there. Okay, now shuffle. Shuffle back and forth for awhile. Who said you could stop running?

Matthew O'Haren-USA TODAY Sports

Eight just-graduated Illini took part in Illinois' pro day today, which means they ran 40s, jumped high and did barrel rolls.


Here are the eight players and here's how they did.


(Image courtesy of Illinois Football)

Jonathan Brown's performance stands out, as he improved on a decently awful Combine. His 40-yard dash time improved from 5.03 to 4.85. That five second mark will hurt his stock, and he'll slide--how far, who knows. Still, he deserves to be drafted. I'm biased as hell, but I swear JB can play on Sundays,

Blind résumé time: One of these players is a Pro Bowler, the other is Jonathan Brown.

6-foot-1 Height 6-foot-0
248 lbs Weight 238 lbs
5.09 40-Yard Time (Combine) 5.03
37 Games Played 45
228 Total Tackles 317
22.5 Tackles For Loss 45.5
7 Sacks 14
4 Forced Fumbles 4
1 Interceptions 3
16 Bench Press (Pro Day) 18
Undrafted NFL Draft ?

The mystery player is.....



Vontaze Burfict.


The photo evidence proves that despite a slow 40-yard-dash, he's still one mighty bad ass. And JB's college numbers are better.


When the two matched up in 2011, Illinois knocked off No. 22 Arizona St. and JB outplayed everyone, including Burfict. Not saying, just saying.

Brown is currently projected as a late round-to-undrafted prospect. No other Illini is projected to be drafted.