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State Farm Center Renovation is Underway

The floor is up, at least.

Bradley Leeb-USA TODAY Sports

After Michigan converted 70 percent of their 23 three-pointers last night, the maintenance crew got so frustrated that they began ripping the stadium apart. Here's a picture of their madness.

Of course, this isn't due to anger. It's due to change. Last night marked Illinois' last home game of the season, so the State Farm Center Renaissance has officially begun. Get ready for a much improved, much more logically designed building. It's sure to house a lot of memories.

Here's the rendering again.

Screen_shot_2013-04-30_at_11 Pre-renovation Orange Krush dealt with a host of problems. Floor space was severely limited and divided, so the mass of student's could never sit near each other. This hurt their presence, their noise, and their impact. The students who were relegated to the sideline seats then had to play a literal up-and-down game with the A-section booster crowd. When the Krush stood, they couldn't see. When the Krush sat, they played no role as a student section. They were just sitters.

That'll be the biggest improvement of the new stadium. The Orange Krush will sit in three separate sections, perfectly placed and perfectly sized.

The luxury boxes and upgraded C-section should entice more paying fans as well, especially compared with our gray industrial gathering we have in the upper deck now.

Take a peek at some other renderings, courtesy of

Here's one of the lobbies. The West Lobby, to be exact.


Here's the Legacy Club, one of the SFC's new premium seating options.


The Hall of Fame. I wonder if they'll put Chief in there.


And here's Mike Thomas talking about talking. He promises progress reports.