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The Dami Ayoola Saga Concludes

And just like that, the running back is once more off the roster, likely for good this time.


Dami Ayoola has been the star of far more posts here at the Champaign Room than someone who hasn't really accomplished anything on the field should be. Well, that's likely coming to an end today.

During today's press conference, Tim Beckman announced that Ayoola is no longer on the team. This comes after having been booted from the team in September only to be allowed back in December. I'm a firm believer in second chances, especially for college aged kids, mostly because we all do incredibly stupid shit at that age. But it appears Dami simply kept failing to meet established guidelines, so now he is gone for good.

It was also announced that DT Vontrell Williams is no longer on the team, also for failure to meet established guidelines. It sucks losing depth players to disciplinary issues, but it is kind of nice having a coach who at least sticks to his guns.

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