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Temple's Anthony Lee Transferring, Illinois in the Mix

A fifth year big man who gets double-doubles would be nice to have.

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Anthony Lee is transferring from Temple and will play his final collegiate season elsewhere. Due to the NCAA graduate transfer rule, he won't have to sit out a season.

ESPN's Jeff Goodman indicates Illinois as one of four teams in the mix.

At 6-foot-9, 230 lbs, Lee is a big body down low, who would compliment Nnanna Egwu nicely and contribute to the Illini right away. His presence would be nice regardless. Should freshman Leron Black not be ready or transfer Darius Paul not be up to snuff, it'd be near vital.

He's a damn fine player. He averaged 13.6 points, 8.6 rebounds and almost one block per game with Temple last season. Here's what our fearless leader emeritus, Tom Fornelli, had to say about Lee:

Seriously. He could be our best damn player.

This transfer rumor, however, says more about the current roster than it does this potential addition. For Lee to get a scholarship, someone would have to transfer. And the player currently buried on the bench is a player who plays the same position as Lee...

...Austin Colbert.

Colbert appeared in only four of Illinois' last eight games, playing a total of only 10 minutes and scoring only two points. His game log died of starvation in the January winter.


He's buried now--under snow and Maverick Morgans--and two PF freshman will only bury him deeper next season. I like Colbert, I think he can contribute in Champaign at some point in his college career, but this makes too much sense.

Anthony Lee in, Colbert out? Maybe.