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Juice Williams Joins Fighting Illini Staff


Isiah "Juice" Williams is heading back to Champaign to join the Fighting Illini as a member of Tim Beckman's staff. His title: Director of Alumni and Former Player Relations.

The few years haven't been kind to the Fighting Illini, but allow me to refresh your dried memory with some juicy stats. Juice Williams finished his college career with more than 8,000 passing yards, 2,500 rushing yards, and 62 total touchdowns (passing and rushing). He also led Illinois to a Rose Bowl berth in 2007. He was good.

Juice's finest moment came in 2007 in Columbus, Oh., where he and the boys beat No. 1 Ohio State behind the most glorious clock milking these eyes have ever seen.

Now he's back. Juice will take care of alumni relations and, in his own words, "build and cultivate relations both in Chicago and in other parts of the country."

Tim Beckman had this to say about his newest hire:

"Obviously, Juice's record as a very special player here at Illinois speaks for itself, but he will now be in a position to help continue moving this program forward in his role with our alumni and on-campus recruiting."

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