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National Signing Day Coverage: Stone-Davis Twins to Enroll in the Summer

Before I get started, I so wanted there to be a comparison (outside of the title) between this situation and the movie O Brother, Where Art Thou? It's just too fitting of a title not to have something, if only faint, in common. I haven't even seen the movie, so there isn't much perspective coming from my end besides a quick read through of the synapsis. But is there anything? Nothing? I digress.

Not all news is good news on National Signing Day (or the day before).

As reported, both brothers Stone-Davis are missing from campus and missing out on spring practices this semester contra to original beliefs. Neither brother quite met the NCAA transfer requirements. They are back at Pierce College this semester to wrap things up academically.

What does this mean?

Exactly what was said. Neither brother will be on campus until the summer assuming they both get their grades and credit hours in order.

Keep in mind, this is not atypical of the Junior College recruitment process. There is a lot of extra work put in to get these guys admitted and on campus. Unfortunately, these situations don't always work out immediately or even at all.

I personally don't think there is anything to be worried about here. Tim Beckman seems very optimistic they will make it to Champaign. Based on interviews with the brothers, they are very disappointed with their academic shortcomings but are, quite obviously, ready and willing to make things right and become impact players on next year's team.

Tyree and Tyrin have both signed their letters of intent.  Tyree's was received on December 18th. I had thought they both signed in December, but I see Tyrin's was officially received today. This removes any notion that they might be looking elsewhere. It's strictly an issue of qualifications.

Both are expected to compete for immediate playing time on next year's Illini squad. Tyree will provide depth and size at the back end of the defense. Tyrin is a highly touted WR that will join a team doesn't return much experience in that area.

Bottom line is - if they get their academic acts together, they will be intercepting passes and catching touchdowns on next year's roster.

If not, well, George Clooney's "pretend" singing will be on my television until I find my answer.

G - O, Illini GO!