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National Signing Day Coverage: Quick Recap of the Day Before

Our state! Our team! A look at yesterday's news while today's letters arrive

Pat Lovell-USA TODAY Sports

National signing day is officially upon us!

As we wait for the all National Letters of Intent to reach Champaign, let's take a quick look at the happenings from Tuesday (there is actually news worth noting).

What happened, you might ask?

We had, not one, but two players pledge their loyalty to the Illini!

Chris James, a 2-star defensive back, from West-Orange Stark High School in Orange, Tex., gave his commitment to Coach Beckman yesterday. Chris was recruited to play CB. No, it's not the 4-star RB from Niles that's committed to Pitt, but this Chris works just fine. He will be a project but looks like a fluid athlete with potential. Getting a recruit out of the state of Texas never hurts either.

Jeff George, Jr., the son of former Illini great and legend Jeff George, is a 2-star QB from Warren Central High School in Indianapolis, Indiana. Jeff has some ability and throws the ball well. You can see he has a knack for the game. He'll, obviously, need to work on adding weight and getting stronger.

Junior has agreed to join the team as a grayshirt. A grayshirt? How many colored shirt options do college football players get? Basically, a grayshirt allows a signed athlete to delay his enrollment and eligibility - normally to the next semester. He will likely enroll at Illinois for the 2015 spring semester and begin working with the team then.

Have fun today and stay warm!

And don't forget to follow our ongoing coverage of National Signing Day here!

G - O, Illini GO!