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2014-15 Big Ten Basketball Matchups Revealed

We don't know the actual schedule yet, but we know who we'll be playing.

Bradley Leeb-USA TODAY Sports

Because it's apparently never too soon to start looking at next season, the Big Ten went ahead and released the matchups for next season's basketball schedule. Obviously dates and times have not yet been set, but we now at least know what teams from our soon-to-be 14 team conference we'll be playing next winter.

Home and away: Michigan, Michigan State, Nebraska, Northwestern, Purdue

All in all, that's not too bad. Michigan and Michigan State will be hard games, but the other six should all be even money at the worst.

Home: Indiana, Maryland, Penn State, Rutgers

This is pretty ideal. If we have to play Indiana or Maryland, I'd rather play them at home. Penn State and Rutgers should both be easy wins.

Away: Iowa, Minnesota, Ohio State, Wisconsin.

Well now, that's considerably less pretty. Basically need Iowa to fall back to earth to hope for 2-2 in the away games.

It's not a bad schedule, so as long as the team actually improves it looks like the Illini should be able to get back to the tournament next season.

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