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Charles Matthews Chooses Kentucky

The top junior in the state of Illinois will not be playing college ball in the state of Illinois.

Bradley Leeb-USA TODAY Sports

Monday night, Charles Matthews surprised even those close to him by announcing that he had made a college decision. This morning, he surprised no one. Charles Matthews will play at the University of Kentucky.

The news that coach Cal had visited Matthews on Monday morning just before his surprise announcement gave away the secret. The Crystal Ball is 100 percent Kentucky, as are the forums and message boards. This one was obvious.

GIF: Charles Matthews Highlights

Don't Expect Charles Matthews to Choose Illinois

Matthews  is currently the top ranked junior in the state of Illinois and the 11th ranked player in the nation. That number may ultimately fall--although this Kentucky signing validates it and may now keep it afloat--but the exact number is meaningless. He's 6-foot-6, 180 lbs, and a smooth, talented ball player.

Illinois won't be devastated by this miss. Aaron Jordan and D.J. Williams have the wing and shooting guard positions under control for the class of 2015. Missing out on a point guard for that class would hurt quite a bit, but Matthews only stings a little. We can get by without him.

Best of luck, Chuck.