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OSU-48 , Illinois-39 : The Spring Game Is Fast Approaching

This has been one terrible basketball season and it's slowly limping towards the finish line.

Joe Robbins

We all knew it was going to be a bad basketball season. But we thought the team would be NIT quality, maybe close to .500 in conference.

Instead, we're looking at maybe a CBI berth and a 3-10 conference record. It's ugly. Things will get better next year mostly because that's the only way things could go, but damn. A season behind Penn State, Northwestern, and Purdue is some kind of awful. Watching Illini basketball this season has been like watching a pot roast try to copulate with a rotisserie chicken: it's awful and makes no damn sense.

Nnanna Egwu showed up, snagging 14 rebounds and generally being the Nnanna we know and love. The rest of the team? Well the only good thing you can say is that the freshmen got more minutes and became more battle-hardened. We're not playing for this year anymore. This year is dead, buried, and being converted into fertilizer.

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