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You Bet Your Ass: Championship Edition

Fifteen weeks later, we shall crown a new champion.

It's been a fun season of YBYA, but part of me is thrilled that it's coming to an end. While it's nice having this as one of my easy guaranteed posts to meet my weekly quota, it becomes a bit of a slog to type up every week. But enough about me, you came here to read about gambling. Hot, sticky, gross gambling action.

Brandon Cain got off to an early lead this year and never relinquished his vice grip on the top spot. I feel like I've been typing that every week, but it's never been more true than right now. He literally cannot lose. The other eight spots though? Those are wide open. Especially because we handle championship week a little differently.

Since we only have one game to bet on (because screw every other conference, that's why), I force our gamblers to bet on both the spread AND the over/under. And wager values double. There are no more safe $25 hedge bets. They're now slightly less safe $50 bets. There's also the $200 gambit for the true degenerates in the crowd. There will be one last YBYA post of the year wrapping up how everything went down this season.

Big Ten Championship Game- Wisconsin (-3) vs Ohio State, O/U: 52.5

Primiano: $100 on Wisconsin -3, $100 on Over 52.5

If J.T. Barrett was playing, things would be different. But he's not and the Illini need a Badger win, so On Wisconsin.

Vainisi: $200 on Ohio State +3, $100 on Under 52.5

Smith: $200 on Wisconsin -3, $200 on Over 52.5

A hot Melvin Gordon against a team that just lost their quarterback? Wisconsin wins.

Darin: $200 on Ohio State +3, $200 on Over 52.5

I thought Cardale Jones looked decent against us in mop up duty. OSU won't stop Gordon, but they can keep him under 200 yards.

Cain: $50 on Wisconsin -3, $50 on Over 52.5

I could write a bunch of statistics about why Wisconsin will win because of their run game or the fact that J.T. Barnett is out, but honestly I do not like Ohio State.

Whitchurch: $200 on Wisconsin -3, $200 on Over 52.5

I'm not saying the Buckeyes have no shot without JT Barrett, but I do think Wisconsin is better than Ohio State without JT Barrett. And this over pick is the easiest money of the year.

Silich: $200 on Wisconsin -3, $100 on Over 52.5

Vallese: $50 on Wisconsin -3, $100 on Over 52.5

I think the key here will be the absence of J.T. Barrett for the Buckeyes, and not because Cardale Jones stinks, but because this is the first game action he will be seeing in a long time. Against a tough Wisconsin defense. In the championship game. Badgers win.

Rench: $200 on Wisconsin -3, $200 on Under 52.5

Melvin Gordon is the best player from the B1G in years, but will it matter when his team plays a better one?

Money On The Line This Week:

Primiano: $200

Vainisi: $300

Smith: $400

Darin: $400

Cain: $100

Whitchurch: $400

Silich: $300

Vallese: $150

Rench: $400

Season Earnings (Bankroll):

1. Cain: $1,025 (Last week: +$175)

2. Vallese: $400 (Last week: +$100)

3. Vainisi: $325 (Last week: +$25)

4. Darin: $75 (Last week: +$200)

5. Primiano: $0 (Last week: +$125)

6. Whitchurch: -$100 (Last week: +$175)

7. Silich: -$125 (Last week: -$225)

8. Rench: -$150 ( Last week: +$200)

9. Smith: -$475 (Last week: +$100)

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