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A Bowl Game Poster/Christmas Card Just for You

Where the bowl game glistens.

Where the bowl game glistens.
Where the bowl game glistens.
Aaron Rench

If you're a fan of the Fighting Illini (which, congratulations), then congratulations, you get an extra day of holiday joy!

Illini fans get three consecutive days of festive fun -- Christmas Eve then Christmas Day then Bowl Day. There is a potential chance for an overload of joy, so be careful. It doesn't always happen that we get a bowl game, but the chances that it fits perfectly into the week makes it that much better. (I realize that not every one has Friday off, but I do, so I'm going to be doing my best to enjoy it.)

The Illinois Fighting Illini are playing the the Zaxby's Heart of Dallas Bowl at Noon Central on ESPN. It is Illinois' first postseason game since the 2011-12 season and the first since Tim Beckman became the head coach.

Take a moment and realize that in the three years with Beckman as coach, the Illini have improved from a team with nothing under the proverbial Christmas tree, but now there are some quality presents awaiting. And some of those presents won't be opened until next year or the year after, but they look much more promising than what we've been looking forward to during the last few seasons.

Let's all raise our egg nog and cheer the Illini to victory.