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Game Recap: Miami 70, Illinois 61

Recapping Illinois Basketball's game against the #15 Miami Hurricanes.

Robert Mayer-USA TODAY Sports

The 6-0 Illinois Fighting Illini entered this game nationally ranked for the first time this season, but they certainly didn't play like it on Tuesday night against the Miami Hurricanes. Illinois played a dreadful first half. As a team, they shot 25% from the field (9/36) and 17.6% from three-point range (3/17); they even managed to go 3/6 from the free throw line.

On the other side, Miami came out with a fantastic game plan; they slowed the game down on offense and their transition defense was superb. The Hurricanes got off to a quick start after hitting 5/9 from long range, but their scorching pace eventually slowed and they ended up shooting 38.5% in the first 20 minutes. Miami entered the break with a 37-24 lead.

Illinois played much better in the second half, but it wasn't enough. The Illini opened the second half of play with a 10-0 run, but the Hurricanes proceeded to answer with a 7-0 run of their own. Kendrick Nunn provided a spark with 8 straight points and he managed to pull the team to within 2 points, but Miami, again, answered.

It was more of the same from there. Miami won. Illinois lost an ugly game.

Box Scores:

Illinois Fighting Illini:


Miami Hurricanes: