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The Champaign Room is Hiring

TCR is looking for someone that can help produce "viral content" for the site.

Bradley Leeb-USA TODAY Sports

Hey everyone,

The Champaign Room is looking to bring on another member that can help generate some creative content like GIFs, photoshops, memes, etc. Does this sound like something you'd be interested in? Great, keep reading.

Here's our job posting on the SB Nation Job Board:

The Champaign Room is looking for another contributor to help with creative aspects of the site. Ideal candidates are 1) Illinois Fighting Illini fans (though not technically required) and 2) able to produce "viral content" such as GIFs, Vines, Memes, Photoshops, and other shortform material that will help the site grow. This is not a paid position to start, but there will be some performance-based income opportunities in the future. Interested candidates should send a resume to

If you have any particular questions about this opening, email

Remember, if you don't fit the criteria for this particular opening you can still contribute to The Champaign Room via FanPosts (located on the right side of the main page).

We look at everything that's written and we'll even promote community-written content on Twitter/Facebook if we deem it's good enough. Silich, Repplinger, and myself all started out with the site by writing FanPosts--perhaps YOU could be next.

If you're still looking for an actual position with SB Nation, feel free to browse the job board for other openings; it's constantly being updated with a wide variety of positions.


~ Jim Vainisi