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TCR Bowl Game Pick 'Em (Revised)

Are you looking to put your guessing skills to the test? Join our Bowl Game Pick 'Em contest on Yahoo Sports to compete against staff members in predicting the outcome of each bowl game!


Good Morning Everyone!

It turns out that we've got a VERY nice relationship with the lovely people over at Yahoo Sports, so we're going to use their Bowl Pick 'Em instead!

(Please delete your entries on the four letter network's page, and move 'em over to Yahoo!)

Rules this year are quite simple, the person that picks the most games correctly wins!  You are only allowed to fill out one chart, so make sure you choose your teams wisely.  Also, make sure you fill in all of your picks before the bowl season starts (first bowl starts on December 20th).  The winner(s) of the Yahoo page will get some street cred on our page here, as well as a potential shout-out on twitter for their bowl predicting perfection and will have the ability to gloat and brag about how awesome they are to friends and family (and even the staff here if you feel up to it).  Jim and I have also put together a little surprise for the winner as well...but we'll explain that after we determine a winner.

Please click on the link below in the embedded tweet, and make sure to register for "The Champaign Room" group.  Good luck, and happy picking!