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You Bet Your Ass: Week 11

In which our weekly cellar dwellers begin their ascent from the basement.

Allow me to begin by apologizing for the one day delay in posting this week's YBYA. I spent yesterday working at the Helping Hands Humane Society in lovely Topeka, KS which makes it just a wee bit harder to write since my hands were full of stray dogs instead of laptop. I was also waiting on one unnamed straggler (MATT SILICH) to submit his bets. He narrowly beat the deadline, blocking me from making all his wagers for him. We're sadly back to just five games this week, but four of them should be great ones.

Last week saw Aaron Rench and Collin Whitchurch finally release their stranglehold on last place, with Wesley Darin dropping to the back of the back. The biggest gain belonged to Jim Vainisi, rocketing forward +$275. Poor Bryce Smith lost $325 and fell into a tie for 7th place.

Iowa vs Minnesota (-1), O/U: 44

Primiano: $50 on Iowa +1

Cain: $50 on Iowa +1

Vainisi: $25 on Iowa +1

Darin: $25 on Minnesota -1

Whitchurch: $50 on Iowa -1

Vallese: $25 on Iowa +1

Smith: $50 on Under 44

Rench: $25 on Minnesota -1

Silich: $50 on Over 44

Cain: Did you see how many points Iowa has scored in the past few weeks? Hawkeyes take the pig.

Vallese: The Hawkeyes are seemingly putting it all together on both sides of the ball and I think Minnesota is in for some big-time decline.

Penn State (-4) vs Indiana, O/U: 44

Primiano: $25 on Penn State +4

Cain: $50 on Penn State +4

Vainisi: $100 on Penn State +4

Darin: $100 on Penn State +4

Whitchurch: $25 on Indiana +4

Vallese: $50 on Penn State +4

Smith: $50 on Over 44

Rench: $100 on Penn State +4

Silich: $25 on Penn State +4

Vainisi: Insert Indiana Basketball joke here.

Darin: Penn St has had a really soft road schedule. If Wes Lunt is fully healthy in a few weeks - we may be the best team they face on the road all year.

Wisconsin (-15.5) vs Purdue, O/U: 55

Primiano: $100 on Over 55

Cain: $100 on Wisconsin -15.5

Vainisi: $25 on Purdue +15.5

Darin: $100 on Wisconsin -15.5

Whitchurch: $100 on Over 55

Vallese: $100 on Wisconsin -15.5

Smith: $50 on Over 55

Rench: $50 on Wisconsin -15.5

Silich: $100 on Over 55

Vainisi: I’m gonna keep betting on the Boilermakers until they prove me wrong.

Whitchurch: Wisconsin will score 55 by itself.

Michigan vs Northwestern (-2), O/U: 40.5

Primiano: $50 on Michigan +2

Cain: $50 on Michigan +2

Vainisi: $25 on Northwestern -2

Darin: $25 on Michigan +2

Whitchurch: $50 on Michigan +2

Vallese: $25 on Over 40.5

Smith: $100 on Over 40.5

Rench: $25 on Michigan +2

Silich: $100 on Michigan +2

Darin: Hopefully no one pays attention nationally until prime time as this is all the Big Ten has to offer in the late afternoon slot.

Whitchurch: Let's call this the Both Coaches Are Probably Getting Fired Bowl.

Ohio State vs Michigan State (-2), O/U: 58

Primiano: $25 on Michigan State -2

Cain: $50 on Michigan State -2

Vainisi: $50 on Ohio State +2

Darin: $50 on Michigan State -2

Whitchurch: $100 on Michigan State -2

Vallese: $25 on Michigan State -2

Smith: $50 on Michigan State -2

Rench: $25 on Michigan State -2

Silich: $25 on Ohio State +2

Cain: Michigan State's defense against a freshman quarterback? Sparty all the way.

Smith: OSU is fake good, MSU is real good.

Rench: Lordy, have I been waiting for this game all year. It's like the Galactic Empire battling the Uruk-hai.

Money On The Line This Week:

Primiano: $250

Cain: $300

Vainisi: $225

Darin: $300

Whitchurch: $325

Vallese: $225

Smith: $300

Rench: $225

Silich: $300

Season's Earnings (Bankroll):

1. Cain: $650 (Last week: +$100)

2. Silich: $275 (Last week: +$0)

Vainisi: $275 (Last week: +$275)

4. Vallese: $100 (Last week: -$125)

5. Primiano: -$50 (Last week: -$75)

6. Whitchurch: -$125 (Last week: +$125)

7. Rench: -$175 (Last week: +$75)

Smith: -$175 (Last week: -$325)

9. Darin: -$325 (Last week: -$225)

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