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TCR Football GIF Tournament: East Bracket Final

We crown a champion of the East!

For those of you that voted yesterday, we thank you for voicing your opinion.  Hopefully you exercised your freedom to vote in the governmental elections as well, but we are REALLY glad to voted here!  Today's matchup will determine the winner of our East Bracket, and will take on the winner of our West Bracket from the last bye week.  Please continue your support and vote for the East Bracket Champion today.  Be sure to keep an eye open tomorrow for the TCR Football GIF Championship Match.  Thank you again for the support, and please continue to vote!

Here's a quick recap of last round's results.

The #1 Seed Butt Punt advanced with a 19-10 victory in the first semifinal match.

#6 V'Angelo Pick continues it's dominance with a 20-6 win over the #2 Seed.

East Bracket Final Round

1) Butt Punt

<img src="" alt="" />


6) V'Angelo Pick

<img src="" alt="" />