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TCR Football GIF Tournament: East Bracket Semifinal, Game 2


Happy Election Day TCR Nation!

We the staff are a democratic group of dedicated Illini fans that want nothing but the best material for our readers and fans.  That's why we've provided you with an opportunity to vote for your favorite GIF and see it climb it's way to the top of the rankings.  There's no electoral college, no ballot box stuffing, no buffoonery of any kind here people!

After the first round of games yesterday, we now are down to the final four in the East Bracket.  Each GIF was given a hefty amount of support, but only 4 were able to advance.

The #2 Seed BARELY beat the #7 Seed in a matchup that was determined by just ONE vote.

On the other side, the #6 Seed upset the #3 seed by a pretty wide margin (25-7).  We might have to re-evaluate how seeds are determined...

Anyways, please vote this election day for your favorite GIFs and thank you for those who voted last round!


Semifinal Round, Game 2

2) Beck Goes Bananas

<img src="" alt="" />


6) V'Angelo Pick

<img src="" alt="" />