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TCR Football GIF Tournament East Bracket: 1st Rd, Game 3

Welcome back to bye week!

Gooooooooddddddd morning Illini fans!  Today begins another bye week which means it's time to crown a champion in our GIF Tournament's East Bracket.

For those of you who are new to the site or this thread, welcome!  The rules of the tournament can be found here, and the breakdown of the East bracket (and reminder of who won the West) can be found here.

Please make sure to get your votes in BEFORE 10pm this evening, and be sure to vote for all 4 matchups.

Here's the schedule of games for the week:

- All 4 First round games are played today (Monday 11/3)

- East Semifinal Games will be played Tuesday 11/4

- The East Final will be on Wednesday 11/5

- West Champion vs East Champion will be played Thursday 11/6

We will announce the overall winner on Friday 11/7


Round 1 Game 3

3) Friendly Fire

<img src="" alt="" />


6) V'Angelo Pick

<img src="" alt="" />