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The Outfit That Blogging Built

You all requested it. I look terrible. But I love you all, so here it is.

Since we launched The Champaign Room two years ago, I have been exposed to a great many experiences I never would have if I didn't write for the site. I've been credentialed three times. Beat writers know my name and face. But my favorite thing by far is the random free things I get for writing. Few things in the world are as magical as receiving odd packages in the mail from corporations that email me. The following outfit was built using the power of The Champaign Room. I hate you all for making me wear this.


The Big Ten 10K shirt, given to me by the lovely @sarselizabeth upon noticing me asking for one on Twitter.


The damned free pants. I have been asked about these pants more than anything else related to my writing and I am finally wearing them. They are tight. I am not enjoying them.


Not free, but paid for with money from former sitehead Jack Cassidy.


Purchased with money from former sitehead Tom Fornelli.

All together now

I apologize for the low quality photos, but I live alone. And am currently sitting in a chair wearing this outfit that in no way matches. Because you wanted this.