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College Basketball Weekly Preview: 11/17

Welcome to College Basketball Season!

Mike Granse-USA TODAY Sports

Good Morning TCR Nation, and welcome to a new thread highlighting the best "games of the week" from Monday to Sunday (yes, I missed a slew of games on Monday...promise it won't happen again).  Unlike like our College Football's "Games to Watch" thread, this will not include GIFs (sorry 'bout that).  However, that does not discourage you from posting your own GIFs that are related to each school in the comment section below!  Also, we will be predicting the scores of the Illini games every week...with the most correct predictions at the end of the season getting something neat (still yet to be comment on that too).  Without further ado, let's take a look! (Starting with the Illini)

Friday 11/21:

Austin Peay Governors vs Illinois Fighting Illini ~ 7:00pm CT (ESPN 3)

Jim "El Capitano" Vainisi: Illini win 82-54

Mark "The Godfather" Primiano: Illini win 77-54

Aaron "Wrenchy" Rench: TBA

Matt "Silly Man" Silich: Illini win 155-7

Brandon "Rock You Like a Hurri-" Cain: TBA

Bryce "The Ice Man" Smith: Illini win 91-54

Brad "Business Man" Repplinger: Illini win 79-66

Trevor "Action" Vallese: Illini win 89-72

Collin "The Dub" Whitchurch: TBA


Tuesday 11/18

#19 Michigan State Spartans vs #4 Duke Blue Devils ~ 6:00pm CT (ESPN)

#5 Kansas Jayhawks vs #1 Kentucky Wildcats ~ 8:00pm CT (ESPN)

* Both games are part of the State Farm Champions Classic in Indianapolis

#25 Utah Utes @ #16 San Diego State Aztecs ~ 3:00pm CT (ESPN)

^ live streaming in class?  You betcha!**

* This game is part of the EA Sports Maui Invitational

** TCR is not responsible for your lack of academic discipline and will not take responsability for you not paying attention during class.  Get your homework done!

Marquette Golden Eagles @ #20 Ohio State Buckeyes ~ 6:30pm CT (ESPN2)

Wednesday 11/19

#18 Oklahoma Sooners @ Creighton Bluejays ~ 7:00pm CT (Fox Sports 1)

Thursday 11/20

#10 Texas Longhorns vs Iowa Hawkeyes ~ 6:00pm CT (ESPN2)

* Game is part of the 2k Classic in New York City, NY

#22 SMU Mustangs @ Indiana Hoosiers ~ 7:00pm CT (BTN)

* Game is part of the Hoosiers Showcase...don't ask

#23 Syracuse Orange vs California Golden Bears ~ 8:00pm CT (ESPN2)

* Game is part of the 2k Classic in New York City, NY

Friday 11/21

Okay, so I'll add a GIF in whenever the Illini are playing.

Saturday 11/22

Take a day off from College Basketball and enjoy some College Football while we still have it!

Sunday 11/23

Same rule applies with pro football...enjoy it (even if the Bears stink)