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Recruit Spotlight: Marquis "Kezo" Brown

One of the best high school freshman in the country, Kezo Brown, visited Illinois yesterday. TCR had an opportunity to ask him a few questions.

DJ Williams (left) and Kezo Brown (middle)
DJ Williams (left) and Kezo Brown (middle)

Marquis "Kezo" Brown is a freshman Combo Guard at Simeon HS in Chicago. Despite this being his first year of high school ball, he was able to make the varsity team; this is a major accomplishment at Simeon. He's already gained national recognition and several scouting services already rank him as one of the best players in the class of 2018. Yesterday, Brown took an unofficial visit to Champaign as he attended Illinois' win over Coppin State with fellow teammate and future Illini D.J. Williams.

Here are some highlights of Brown from his 8th grade season:

In the video #0 is Chase Adams (referenced below). Adams hasn't gained as much recognition yet because he still has to grow, but look for him to become one of the top point guards in class.

TCR was able to get an interview with Brown after the game in which we discussed the recruiting process, Simeon, his relationship with DJ Williams, and more


The Champaign Room: What parts of your game do you feel you could improve on and what have you been doing well?

Kezo Brown: Well I can improve on every part of my game. I'm not perfect, so that's what I have to do to make myself great.

TCR: How was the atmosphere at SFC?

KB: It was great. Every fan was cheering on the players and I loved that.

TCR: What is your opinion of Illinois? What sticks out?

KB: I like that everyone cares about each other and they play as a team. Everyone on the team are like brothers.

TCR: What is your reaction to the Illinois fans so far? I know they are very passionate.

KB: They're great. Every play they're saying something and that's great to have fans like that.

TCR: How is Illinois viewed in Chicago?

KB: Being in-state is huge. It's like it's home because we are right by each other.

TCR: I know Nebraska has offered, what other schools have showed interest in you?

KB: Kansas and DePaul.

TCR: Can you describe your relationship with DJ Williams?

KB: Well me and D.J. have a great relationship, it's like a big brother-little brother relationship. He pushes me everyday and makes me shoot with him before practice

TCR: How has your experience with Mac Irvin Fire been?

Great. I have one of the best Point Guards in the country in Chase Adams and everything else has been going well.

TCR: What was it like making the Simeon Varsity team as a freshman?

KB: Well to tell you the truth it was kinda of scary because everyone wants me to kill right away. It's not my year yet and what I have to do is what Coach Rob [Smith] asked me to do which is to play my game and be a good teammate.

TCR: Lastly, I have to ask this, what is your opinion on the uniforms?

KB: They're really great. I noticed they made some new changes such as the I on the back of the shorts.


Thank you to Kezo for taking the time to answer our questions.

With Kendrick Nunn, Jaylon Tate, and D.J. Willaims in the fold, many people talk of Coach Groce re-establishing the Simeon-Illinois pipeline. This is just another concrete example of his work. Simeon has players like Brown that will be coming in the next few years and it's great to be able to connect with them this early in the process.