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Games to Watch: Week 12

Another GRRRREEEAAATTT weekend of college football awaits!!!

Jonathan Daniel

As we get closer and closer to the end of the football season, every game is going to become crucial in determining the placement of a team in the College Football Playoff down to who get to play in a bowl game.

For the Illini, this week begins a pivotal 3 week stretch in their schedule where they will determine the fate of their season.  Let's hope they can make some noise against the Hawkeyes on Saturday morning!

Here are the other games we'll be watching...


Thursday 11/13:

California Golden Bears @ USC Trojans ~ 8:00pm CT (ESPN)

Cal is looking to become bowl eligible tonight against their in-state rivals from Los Angeles.  Jared Goff has very quietly manufactured the 4th best passing offense in the country and is looking to air it out all night against the Trojans, but their defense needs to step up tonight if they want to have any chance.

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Friday 11/14:

8pm on ESPN3...JFG

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Saturday 11/15:

#8 Ohio State Buckeyes @ #25 Minnesota Golden Gophers ~ 11:00am CT (ABC)

One of the few weeks that ABC is showing a game at 11am!  Ohio St is looking to remain in the Top 10 of the College Football playoff rankings while Minnesota looks to knock off the Buckeyes at home.  For all the talk earlier in the year about how good the Gophers are, this is the first game of a BRUTAL stretch of games against OSU, Nebraska, and Wisconsin.  It's time for Jerry Kill and company to show us what they're made of.

<img src="" alt="" />

#19 Clemson Tigers @ #22 Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets ~ 11:00am CT (ESPN)

You could call this the "battle for second place" in the ACC as both teams are in the brides made spot in their respective divisions.  Georgia Tech looks like a team that could give Florida State fits if they make it to the ACC Championship game, but this is a key hurdle for them to clear in order to get there.

<img src="" alt="" />

#1 Mississippi St. Bulldogs @ #5 Alabama Crimson Tide ~ 2:30pm CT (CBS)

If you read our B1G Bowl Projections earlier this week, you'll know that I had the Tide in my Top 4 after they beat the Tigers of LSU in OT.  This week, the top ranked Bulldogs (aka Fighting Cowbells) travel to Tuscaloosa looking to knock off 'Bama and keep rolling to the SEC Championship game.  Keep in mind, that if the Tide fall, the Ohio St Buckeyes could sneak closer to a spot in the playoff...

<img src="" alt="" />

#16 Nebraska Cornhuskers @ #20 Wisconsin Badgers ~ 2:30pm CT (ABC)

In the three way tie for the B1G West Division, this game is essentially a "West Division Championship Game" as both teams enter with one loss in conference.  In the final 3 week stretch, Minnesota, Nebraska, and Wisconsin will all face each other and determine who will represent the West division in the B1G Championship.  The first of 3 brings us the two best running backs in the B1G in Melvin Gordon and Ameer Abdullah.  Should be a fun game to watch!

<img src="" alt="" />

#9 Auburn Tigers @ #15 Georgia Bulldogs ~ 6:15pm CT (ESPN)

Raise your hand if you completely forgot about the Georgia Bulldogs once Todd Gurley was suspended...that's what I thought.  They somehow have flown under the radar and the freshman Nick Chubb has been able to carry the team to a 7-2 record.  With a win over Auburn and a win over Georgia Tech at the end of the year, could Georgia contend for the Top 10?

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