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B1G Power Rankings: Who Wants the West?

The East may have been decided, but there are now three teams still in the race for the Western Conference Championship.

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1. Ohio State Buckeyes - @ Michigan State, WIN 49-37 - LW: 2

The Buckeyes are on top of the B1G World! Unlike old times, OSU played the spoiler and now, just like old times, they're back to looking down on the rest of the conference. They've done it all in historic fashion -- they have 21-straight conference wins, the most consecutive conference wins in B1G history. Note from this semi-unimportant internet blogger: Don't look ahead too quickly; there're still games to be played before the Championship.

2. Nebraska Cornhuskers - DNP - LW: 3

'Braska's remaining schedule: at Wisconsin, vs. Minnesota, at Iowa. It is the Western Gauntlet.

3. Wisconsin Badgers - @ Purdue, Win 34-16 - LW: 4

The game against Purdue didn't take long to be decided. Wisconsin was up by 18 points at the half. Melvin Gordon continued to add more to his Heisman candidacy, he had 205 rushing yards, a rushing touchdown, and a impressive 27-yard touchdow reception. Their remaining schedule: vs. Nebraska, at Iowa, vs. Minnesota. Again, it is the Western Gauntlet.

4. Michigan State Spartans - vs. Ohio State, LOSS 37-49 - LW: 1

The mighty Spartan defense allowed a J.T. Barrett-led Buckeye offense to gain 568 total yards of offense, and now they're playing second fiddle, feeling that they've missed out on a golden opportunity. Before the game, it was a great pretty great weekend in East Lansing -- ESPN's College Gameday brought even more spectacle and national attention -- and the game itself was good, likely to be shown several times this summer on the Big Ten Network. But in the end, the Spartan alumni will look back on this weekend with regret.

5. Minnesota Golden Gophers - vs. Iowa, Win 51-14 - LW: 7

I don't know if it was a bigger surprise that Minnesota beat Iowa so severely or that the ribs that I made turned out so well. I've made ribs before, just like how Minnesota has won games before, but seeing it all come together with such satisfying quality is almost unexpected, unimaginable really. What's really unimaginable though is Minnesota winning the West. They've got Ohio State followed by consecutive road trips to Nebraska and Wisconsin.

Also, and this is vitally interesting, Minnesota now possesses both the Little Brown Jug (from the game with Michigan) and the Floyd of Rosedale trophy. That hasn't happened since 1967.

6. Maryland Terrapins - DNP - LW: 6

Maryland might be a trap game for Michigan State this week. This is how surprises happen.

7. Iowa Hawkeyes - @ Minnesota, Loss 14-15 - LW: 5

What was that? Before this game, Iowa was ranked 45th nationally in rush defense, but on Saturday they gave up 291 rushing yards while no Minnesota player ran for more than 80 yards. Iowa looked to be a candidate for the Western Division, but this loss may very well have dropped them from that. There's always next year.

8. Penn State Nittany Lions - @ Indiana, Win 13-7 - LW: 8

The Nittany Lions broke a 4-game losing streak with a underwhelming victory over the Hoosiers. The low score of the game is a fairly apt display of Penn State's ability -- very good defense, poor offense. They're now one win away from bowl-eligibility, with a 5-4 Temple, Illinois, and Michigan State still on the docket.

9. Michigan Wolverines - @ Northwestern, Win 10-9 - LW: 9

Michigan barely, barely won. It counts as a win but it isn't a game that Michigan fans will find pride. They had 109 yards passing and a 1-of-12 third down efficiency. You know it must be bad in Ann Arbor when basketball is getting nearly as much talk as football.

10. Rutgers Scarlet Knights - DNP - LW: 11

Rutgers prepares for Indiana. A win and they're bowl eligible.

11. Purdue Boilermakers - vs. Wisconsin, Loss 16-34 - LW: 10

And with that, Purdue cannot make it to a bowl. Plain and simple -- 7 losses. Does not making it to the postseason make the season a waste? Not in Purdue's case. They've already added two wins from last year's record and have yet to play Wisconsin, Northwestern, and then travel super far to take on the old rival Indiana. In my prediction, they win at least one of those.

12. Illinois Fighting Illini - DNP - LW: 13

We approach Iowa, the future of Tim Beckman's career may very well ride on the fate of this game. Last time the Illini had a bye week, they shocked the (B1G) World by defeating Minnesota. Hopefully, a similar result takes effect.

13. Northwestern Wildcats - vs. Michigan, 9-10 - LW: 12

Alert: There is serious talk of firing Fitzee!! After an extremely ugly loss on a failed two-point conversion, there is anger in Evanston. As long as I've been watching B1G football (which is admittedly not that long), Fitzgerald has virtuallybeen Northwestern -- I always thought he was a permanent fixture on the sidelines. How do you identify them without him?

14. Indiana Hoosiers - vs. Penn State, Loss 7-13 - LW: 14

The Hoosiers haven't won a bowl game since 1991. Math: 23 years. The Hoosiers haven't won a single B1G game this year. Non-math: basically a 0.000001% chance they'll get that bowl win this year. Personally, I hope that this isn't the end of the Kevin Wilson era. He's a smart guy that seemingly does it right, yet plays in the recruiting desert of Southern Indiana. He deserves to get to a bowl game. I'm all for a 5th year of Wilson. #KeepWilson

Last week's rankings for reference.

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