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Illinois Basketball to Open 2015 Season in Springfield

The state capital will be decked out in Orange and Blue when the Illini come to open the season in November!

Illinois DIA

Due to the State Farm Center's renovation schedule, the Illini now have a new home to play their first 5 games (Editor's note:) of 2015, as the Prairie Capital Convention Center in Springfield, IL has agreed to host the Illini for the month of November.  Starting with an exhibition game on November 8th, the team will make three trips to cover games being played on November 8, 13, 15, 21,and 23.  No ticket information has been released by the Illinois Division of Intercollegiate Athletics (DIA), but made note that ticket information would come "at a later date."

The team will be bringing the newly dried floor, baskets, scorer's table, and bench chairs along with them to try and re-create the closest atmosphere to the State Farm Center as possible.  Capacity is roughly 7,700.

Coach Groce chimed in on the matter with nothing but support and excitement:

""Our administration was aggressive in seeking out a location that would serve as a true home away from home during the renovation of State Farm Center, and we have found an outstanding partner in the Prairie Capital Convention Center. They have cleared every date that we requested, allowing us to tailor our game schedule and minimize our travel. We're covering the five games in just three trips, going over first for an exhibition game and then twice where we'll play two games over three days, staying for practice on the days in between those games as well. We feel privileged to showcase Fighting Illini basketball in Springfield."

Read the official DIA article here.

(Hooray the court made it!)