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Storm Water Soaks State Farm Center

We've sprang a leak people!!!

We've Sprang a Leak!
We've Sprang a Leak!
Illinois DIA

Early this morning at around 3 am, backup in a storm drain caused water to flow down to the level of the playing surface in the State Farm Center.  According to the official report from the Illini Athletics Website, " A few inches of water accumulated on the floor, bringing it level with the court."

Construction workers were called in to remove the water and install fans to accelerate the drying process in hopes that the main playing surface would not be affected.  The court has been blocked up above the concrete flooring to keep it safe and help the drying process, and the DIA will continue to monitor the court to make sure the water didn't damage the integrity of the playing surface.  The website also states, "In the event that the court is damaged beyond repair, the University of Illinois Division of Intercollegiate Athletics is prepared to secure an alternate playing surface."

We certainly hope that we're able to display our brand new floor against Quincy on Nov. 7th.

It's a good thing that the Hall is sponsored by State Farm!

Read the official DIA report here.



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